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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Glen Douglas

Nikon D70, various
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So I decided it was time I actually done something with the copious amounts of free time I have at the moment. So I decided to go for a drive up to Loch Lomond and see if there was anything interesting I could find. First stop was a tiny place called Firkin (easy to remember since I thought it was 'Frikin' - much better name I think). Some pictures from there will be shown soon.

The next stop was Glen Douglas - I followed this tiny narrow road for a couple of miles and came across some beautiful scenery and some hairy highland cows. These pictures were all taken in this area. The cows were amazingly tame, but still, I didn't fancy being on the receiving end of those horns so I just stayed in my car.

I ended the trip off with short stops at Luss and the Duck Bay Marina (where they've taken down the pier!).


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